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‘Education + TVET Asia’ is an exciting and unique publication (print & digital) that features the best in education, training and TVET. It covers the industry’s personalities, institutions and trends with highly informative contents.

Enjoy, learn and discover more about the education landscape in Asia and appreciate the diverse personalities, findings and institutions at the forefront of education. From universities to kindergartens, discover the latest in education that will serve well for parents, educationists and the general public. After all, education is one of the foundations of society. Discover more about the people behind the latest developments in education through our exclusive interviews with leading educators and educationists.

Asia is such an important region for education today and in the future. The 21st Century is the projected century of Asian dominance in politics, culture and economy. An increasing number of students from the world over are studying in Asia as the experience is considered a valuable asset globally. Education + TVET Asia aims to capture and publicize the very essence and dynamics of this exciting period.

Editorial content

• Interviews with top personalities in the education and TVET industry
• Informative articles by leading figures in the industry
• Features on education institutions
• Education news
• Trends and information on TVET
• New frontiers and discoveries in education
• Interesting and insightful journals
• Exclusive offers and deals
• What’s trending

Education + TVET Asia Mission Statement

To showcase and promote the best that Asia has to offer in the education arena and at the same time making known the industry’s outstanding personalities and organizations that put Asia on the world map.

How Education + TVET Asia is different

• Comprehensive coverage on education and more specifically, Asian education
• Premier editorial quality
• Experienced team
• Niche value-positioning platform
• Expansive reach-out to a quality target audience
• Value-for-money packages


May 2024