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Welcome to Allschool Camp

Leading global provider of online interactive classes, Allschool, has successfully completed its first hybrid learning camp in collaboration with the YMCA Student Care Centre @ Canberra. Running from 6 – 9 September 2022, the Allschool Camp took the centre’s 90 students through a combined online and offline learning experience, in coordination with online Allschool teachers and YMCA in-class mentors. This innovative hybrid approach to learning falls under a new sub-brand called ‘Allschool Camp’ and has yielded overwhelmingly positive responses from the students involved.

Allschool’s corporate social responsibility aims to focus on children, education, empowerment of teachers and technology-driven study. It is dedicated to bringing learning enjoyment to children through an interactive and inspiring learning experience.

Allschool Supported in the Following Areas:

  • Each student receives high-quality online class and offline activities
  • 4 Top Allschool teachers from the U.K, and U.S. public schools and private schools with an average of 15 years of teaching experience
  • 8 Unique Interest Courses in 4 subjects: Nature & Science, Life Skills, Arts, English Language
  • Each student receives a study report and award certificate

The experimental programme leverages the outstanding technical capabilities of Allschool and the expertise of online teachers and in-classroom teachers to give students an effective hybrid learning experience. At the culmination of the camp, an award ceremony was held to recognise the students’ achievements. Students also publicly expressed their positive feelings about the camp, a testament to its success.

Primary 4 (P4) and P6 YMCA mentor Miss Sharuna from the YMCA Student Care Centre @ Canberra commented about Allschool Camp, “Kids love it. Allschool Camp is beneficial to the kids as they get to learn a lot of new things that they never learned before in a fun and interesting way. I think they really enjoyed it and looked forward to the next session.”

Miss Shaera, YMCA P1 and P2 mentor shared her thoughts, “Kids love the classes so much because I can hear by their tone of voice that they are very enthusiastic. When students learn through creativity, they learn through fun and games.” 

At the end of the programme, XiaoNan Wang, Head of Allschool Southeast Asia Region reflected, “Young people are our future. As an online learning platform, Allschool aims to empower youth through education. We are delighted to collaborate with the YMCA of Singapore to achieve this goal through the Allschool camp. YMCA is a worldwide youth organisation focused on helping young people grow into healthy, thriving adults. By working with the YMCA, Allschool hopes to give back to the local community and make a difference in all these young learners’ lives.”

Teacher Vanessa, one of the Allschool teacher who taught “Paint Your Own Picasso” and “Super Cute Animal Drawings” said, “I am delighted to join such an innovative teaching programme. As an education professional, the programme was a great opportunity for me to enrich my teaching experiences. It was the first time I had taught a large group of students online and in a different country. The innovative tool from Allschool and YMCA mentors in Singapore made this a huge success. It was ultimately a very rewarding experience and a pleasure to work with the students and other mentors involved.

As innovators in the field of education, Allschool realises the increasing importance and power that technology will play in the future of education. Hybrid learning combines the best of both the online and offline systems to create engaging and relevant learning material with a supportive and enjoyable classroom environment. In addition, offline teachers can spend more time focusing more on supporting the needs of specific individuals and less time on the rote teaching syllabus. This separation of responsibilities ensures that each learner is given a more comprehensive learning experience to better reach their potential. In March 2022, Singapore Education minister Chan Chun Sing indicated that in the aftermath of Covid-19, hybrid learning would be a national approach going forward. “We will move more and more of our lessons online, allowing our students to do more self-paced learning”, Chan said.

The Allschool Hybrid learning Camp is a reflection of the company’s commitment to quality education and one of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which it views as an integral pillar of its corporate responsibility. Earlier this year, Allschool also launched the Enrichment Charity Drive in support of Singapore Children’s Society. Moving forward, the company intends to continue partnering with like-minded organisations to strive toward the United Nation’s vision for Quality Education, using innovative means to empower a generation of young learners to live better and more fulfilling lives.

Allschool Hybrid Learning Camp Achievements: 

  • Cross-border teaching and collaboration between Allschool teachers and YMCA mentors to reinforce concepts learned during class.
  • Hybrid Learning contributed to the Camp by making the most effective and efficient use of Allschool classes.
  • Students benefit from the new interest-based courses in an interactive way that is different from traditional classes.

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