Desmond Cheah – Charting excellence, navigating brilliance

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Embark on a whimsical adventure through the extraordinary life of the one and only Adjunct Professor Dr. Desmond Cheah Swee Cheong – a journey that’s part intellect, part charisma, and a whole lot of humility. Buckle up as we take you on a rollercoaster ride through the exploits of this exceptional individual.

Qualifications That Set the Standard:

At the heart of Professor Cheah’s odyssey lies an insatiable thirst for knowledge that could rival a black hole’s appetite for stars. Armed with a PhD in Education & Cognitive Science (yes, he can explain why you forget where you put your car keys), an MBA from across the pond (he’s got the British charm to prove it), and a Bachelor’s in International Business with Honors (you could say he majored in ‘Impressing Professors 101’), his qualifications are like keys to a treasure chest of wisdom.

In his undergraduate days, Professor Cheah had the Deans themselves doing double takes, frequently securing a spot on the coveted Dean’s List. As for his MBA, esteemed Chancellors couldn’t help but send him letters of commendation. And his PhD research? Let’s just say it put him on the international map, basking in the glow of well-deserved acclaim.

A Distinguished Entrepreneur:

In the world of business, Professor Cheah isn’t just a player; he’s the conductor of the successful symphony. As the Chief Learning Officer, he’s waved his education wand to transform organizations from “meh” to marvellous. With over two decades of experience as a Global Business & Entrepreneur Coach, he’s got more business tricks up his sleeve than a magician at a birthday party.

Desmond Cheah

Dedication to the Prosperity of Education:

For Professor Cheah, education isn’t just a career; it’s a lifelong love affair. He’s the brains behind MeMORI CERDiQ (Me-iQ), a platform dedicated to boosting brains and nurturing minds. As a Senior Lecturer, Researcher, and Academic Educator, he’s had the pleasure of moulding the minds of future leaders. Plus, as an Adjunct Professor, he’s the Captain Kirk of education, boldly venturing into uncharted territory, paving the way for pharmacists, dedicated working professionals, and aspiring students not only at Protherapix Sdn Bhd (Selangor/KL) and The LOA Centre (M) Sdn Bhd (Negeri Sembilan), but also at Creative Education Club Organization (Penang) and numerous other institutions.

A Champion of Mental Health:

In today’s world, where stress is the new black, Professor Cheah dons the cape of a Global Mental Health Ambassador for 2024/2025. But he’s not just in it for the title; he’s earned his stripes with a First-Class Honors MINDGINEER MAPsy GP certification. Yes, he’s basically a mind superhero.

His crowning achievement? The Mind Integration and Mental Intervention Convention (M.I.M.I.C), where he’s like a mental health DJ, spinning tunes of awareness and support for all. His certifications and memberships in professional organizations? They’re like badges of honour, showing his deep expertise and unshakable commitment to mental health advocacy.

Awards That Make You Go “Wow!”:

Among the countless accolades adorning his mantelpiece, two shine the brightest. The ‘Malaysia Education and TVET Award 2023’ is a testament to his innovation in reshaping Malaysia’s education landscape. And the ‘Above and Beyond Call of Duty Award 2011’? Well, that’s just proof that he’s been excellence personified for over a decade.

Desmond Cheah

A Humble Leader with a Global Vision:

But what truly sets Professor Cheah apart is his humility, which is rarer than a unicorn sighting. Amidst all the certificates and awards, he’s still the guy who’d gladly hold the door for you. He believes in paying it forward and has mentored, coached, and advised more people and organizations than you can count on your fingers and toes.

In a world that’s constantly on the hunt for visionaries, Professor Cheah shines as the North Star of hope and inspiration. So, fasten your seatbelts and join us on this electrifying journey as we unlock the potential with Adjunct Professor Dr. Desmond Cheah – a symbol of excellence, humility, and a wicked sense of humour.



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