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UNIMAS Business School (UBS) is a business entity officially established in April 2017; wholly owned by Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS), the eighth public university in Malaysia and the sole homegrown public institution of higher learning in Sarawak. UBS is established with the sole purpose to implement both academic and professional learning programmes to complement and supplement the offerings in its parent institution beyond the mainstream student population. UNIMAS has made significant strides in the field of higher education since its establishment in December 1992 charting numerous contributions to the development of education in Sarawak and elsewhere, thereby progressively gaining recognition among local and international students. Drawing strength from its robust connection with UNIMAS, UBS derives immense satisfaction from its role in contributing to the ongoing success of both entities; a synergy of resources and expertise in a seamless collaboration towards a shared journey of success and impact on education nationwide in enhancing, developing and producing talents and leaders.

Since 2017, UBS has managed and conducted 19 postgraduate programmes by coursework, attracting numerous students; local and international across the country and from abroad. Among the 22 popular programmes are Corporate Management in Business Administration (CMBA), Master of Science in Human Resource Development (MSc HRD), Master of Science in Occupational Safety and Health (MSc OSH) and Master in Information Technology Management (MITM). To cater to the demand for new programmes, offerings are expanded to include Master of Education Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (MEd TESOL) and Master of Science in Sustainable Aquaculture which have caught the interest of working professionals interested to further their knowledge and skills.

In the recent three years, UBS has conducted 42 Professional and Executive Programmes that create lifelong learning opportunities, designed to sharpen knowledge and skills professionals, executives, and individuals in their respective fields and practices. The programmes include Professional Certificate, Professional Diploma, Executive Diploma, Executive Bachelor and Executive Master and it has graduated increasing numbers of students annually. Apart from that, UBS also offers various short courses, master classes,

seminars, certification programmes, conventions, conferences and customized training programmes to interested parties. It utilises a flexible approach to customize programmes to address the requirements of its clients, without compromising on quality and effectiveness. It collaborates with strategic partners; public and private to provide learning opportunities outside its main campus through UNIMAS Learning Centres located in Kuala Lumpur, Miri and Kota Kinabalu and other training institutions as far as Penang.

Besides academic programmes, UBS has successfully hosted customised programmes such as the Intensive English Language Mobility Programme, Global Harmony Programme and Global Encounter Programme successfully since May 2023. University students from Vietnam and China have participated in these programmes which include a combination of learning, culture, adventure and nature. Students interact with the local community; in campus and in places of interest combining formal and informal learning outside the classroom fostering a holistic fun learning approach via Edutourism while at the same time promoting the beautiful places in Sarawak. Positive feedback from the International Student Division and participating students will spur us on to expand these cross-cultural programmes to more countries in the near future.

UBS is extremely proud of another innovative programme termed business unusual; that is, the Postgraduate Coaching Programme which started during 2020, the peak of the COVID 19 pandemic. Much needed assistance; even more so during the pandemic, was provided to international students who wished to pursue their Postgraduate Studies by research in UNIMAS. Currently, most of the students who signed up for the programme are working professionals such as management team members of universities and lecturers in various disciplines. The essence of the Postgraduate Coaching Programme is to guide the postgraduate students to understand the discipline and the school of thought on how epistemological development in knowledge can be applied into their work. In addition, the programme provides the students with ongoing assistance throughout their postgraduate studies, where quality and intensive support classes, consultations and on-point guidance when face-to-face sessions are put on hold due to travel restrictions during the pandemic. Since then, the students are coming to campus and in doing so, promotes a healthy exchange of knowledge not only to complete their postgraduate studies but to engage in intellectual dialogue with local students and lecturers. This will surely contribute to the strengthening of knowledge and skills from different perspectives.

Its dedication towards quality education extends beyond traditional programmes. UBS offers a wide array of short courses, master classes, seminars, certification programmes, conventions, conferences, and customised training and mobility programmes to ensure comprehensive learning experiences and experiential learning for professionals and university students; local and from abroad. The success it has achieved today testifies the consistent high standards of education that sets us apart from the rest. Join UNIMAS today.


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