Transforming Lives Through English Language Centre Education

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In an increasingly interconnected world, English Language Centres enable people to possess the ability to communicate effectively in English as it has become a vital skill. One institution that has been at the forefront of transforming lives through language education is the D’English Language Centre. Founded by Mr.Stewart Burgess (UK), this renowned English Language Centre has not only imparted English language skills but has also played a pivotal role in shaping the success stories of countless individuals.

## The D’English Difference

D’English Language Centre, located in the heart of the city Petaling Jaya, has earned a stellar reputation for its commitment to providing top-notch English language education.

The centre’s philosophy revolves around the belief that language is not just a tool for communication but a gateway to opportunities and personal growth. With this vision in mind, they have consistently delivered high-quality language programs that cater to a diverse range of students.

One of the key aspects that sets D’English apart is its team of dedicated and experienced native- speaking teachers. The English Language Centre boasts a roster of highly qualified educators who bring not only linguistic expertise but also a passion for teaching. Most of the teachers are from UK, Canada, USA, etc…They create a nurturing environment where students are encouraged to explore, practice, and excel in their language skills.

## Success Stories

The success stories that have emerged from D’English Language Centre are a testament to its commitment to excellence. Many of the English Language Centre’s alumni have gone on to achieve remarkable success in various fields, both locally and internationally. Here are a few inspiring stories:

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### Yew Yu Ching

It has been nearly a year since Yu Ching attended the Speech & Drama and English class at D’ English. She is truly enjoying the class as she will always ensure that she is going to bed early on Saturday night and prepare herself for the next day class. Yu Ching has a shy personality, and she takes time to mix with others. With the encouragement from Teacher Burgess in building up her confidence, she is now able to speak on the stage. I saw her improvement in terms of the pronunciation, thus, she read better now. Yu Ching loves Teacher Nazz too. She is happy that she can write better essay with the guidance from Teacher Nazz.

### Wong Jun Yu

My 11-year-old son has been attending D’English drama classes since he was 5, and it’s been an incredible journey. Our initial goal was to provide him with a different learning experience and environment from his regular Chinese primary school.

One of the standout features of D’English is Mr. Burgess’s talent for crafting original scripts, which infuse a sense of excitement and creativity into each class. It’s heartwarming to see how much my son looks forward to his weekend drama sessions. The fun learning experience, coupled with Mr. Burgess’s enthusiasm, has played a pivotal role in nurturing his interest, self-confidence and igniting his passion for effective communication, as well as public speaking. He’s excelled in storytelling and speech competitions, thanks to Mr. Burgess’s mentoring and guidance.

I can’t praise Mr. Burgess and D’English enough. I wholeheartedly recommend this center to parents aiming to elevate their child’s learning.

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### Wong Shin Yi

 Shin Yi is studying in a chinese private school. Due to the environment she is reluctant to speak English with her peers in school as well as with us at home.

Since we enrolled her in the course in 2019, we notice she starts to show confidence conversing

English at home, and what really surprised us is her accent and the fluency in expressing herself freely using English in our daily conversation.

Thanks to D’English and Mr Burgess, we are so impressed Shin Yi is able to pick up English in such a short period of time. We will continue to send her to the centre and look forward to seeing her to command English in her daily communication other than using mandarin.

## A Bright Future

D’English Language Centre continues to evolve and innovate in its approach to language education. They offer a wide range of programs, including Speech & Drama/Public Speaking, English Enrichment, Online English, IGCSE English and IELTS English. Their commitment to excellence, personalized learning, and fostering a supportive community ensures that students are well-prepared to face the linguistic challenges of the modern world.

In an era where language skills are integral to success, D’English Language Centre stands as a beacon of hope for individuals seeking to unlock their potential. The English Language Centre’s rich history of success stories and unwavering dedication to its students, D’English is not just a language centre; it’s a catalyst for personal and professional growth.

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For those looking to embark on a journey of language mastery and personal transformation, D’English Language Centre continues to be the destination of choice as one of the best English Language Centres in Malaysia. Whether you aspire to advance in your career, pursue higher education, or simply enhance your communication skills, D’English is here to help you achieve your goals.

*For more information about D’English Language Centre and their programs, visit or contact us @ 0173374256


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