Fusion Music Studio – Power-up & explore the kid’s musical and stage performance talents in Puchong’s best music school

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Fusion Music Studio Puchong is a one-stop musical arts conservatory school that’s helping thousands of youngsters to nature and grow their gifts under experienced professionals guidance and supervision under experienced private music teachers guidance.

Founded in 2012 by three passionate and musically enthusiastic sisters with over 15 years of experience in music institutes that specialize in the study, coaching, and music research.

Amanda Ong, Felicia Ong, and Sherene Ong are the 3 pioneers and musical professionals who instituted Fusion Music Studio in Puchong with the sole purpose of helping determined parents’ nature and connect their kid’s talents from an early age as of 18 months old with the best music lessons for kids.

Why enroll the kid for music class at Fusion Music Studio Puchong?

Their mission is to inspire, motivate and encourage music classes for kids in learning and playing musical instruments like guitar, violin, piano and the drum etc whether they are on their musical creative journey, at Fusion Music Studio determined to help and customize the learning experience according to the interests and goals.

Here are 6 main reasons why students all over the world prefer to implement their children art and music talents at the music school for kids;

  1. They offer competitive ABRSM, Trinity, Trinity Rock, Pop, LCM, and Rock-school syllabus throughout the learning process.
  2. Fun student-oriented learning method approach and dwell on playing different music genres altogether in cultivating and keeping the child’s interest in music.
  3. They are always motivated to support the kid’s general musical general music growth at each and every step you make towards their greatness despite the current position in their music learning journey.
  4. With an interdisciplinary, innovative curriculum, and custom-tailored music lessons for kids – Fusion Music Studio is designed to empower all learners in a comfortable and engaging manner for maximum results with the tailored piano lessons at home.
  5. The German Orff-designed teaching method and techniques are the game-changer when it comes to learning violin, beginning drum lessons, and piano training with all the students at Fusion Music Studio Academy.
  6. The strongest fit is that they offer free consultation and free trial music classes, giving an opportunity for all the students to better understand their music goals and expectations for an optimum learning experience.

The world class-classical and globally competitive music classes

A personalized and tailored learning experience based on the kids’ response, passion, creativity, progress, and interest in a particular instrument goes a long way for proficient and impactful music learning capability.

From basic Piano theory, Drum lessons, Guitar, Ukulele, Music Workshops, to interactive holiday camps at Music Fusion Studio the kid gets to learn violin, learn piano, learn drums and learn playing keyboard plus everything else from the music fundamentals to programs that focus on individual training in the following classes;

  1. Offie Explorers : 18 months to 3 years old
  2. Offie Scholars : 3 to 4 Years Old
  3. Offie Performers Group – Piano Class : 4 to 6 Years Old

The benefits of introducing the kid to early childhood music academy

  • Best thing you can offer the child in the early development years as music classes stimulate the kid’s creativity and imagination to the highest realms of creation.
  • Signing up the child for music lessons also empowers their language and reasoning capabilities in addition to acquiring a sharp aural awareness, developing distinct listening skills, and developing abstract thinking and imaginative mind.

Empower the kid’s future and nature their skills at an early age by joining the vibrant community of musicians, they’ll help the child get started on this promising journey to a happy and inspiring musical future.

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