Giatmara Gears Up For The Future With Training In Elderly And Childcare

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The 21st century is witnessing a demographic phenomenon that is changing the social and economic landscape around the world. Countries are heading towards an aging population. Older countries, inhabited by a large proportion of the elderly population, face unique problems, including how they can care for and meet the needs of the elderly. A holistic approach is needed that encompasses aspects of self-care, activity and environmental management, as well as disease detection and management.

In line with this, GIATMARA is taking an early step by introducing a new Family Care Services course that emphasises this aspect of family care. Through this course, trainees are exposed to various care modules such as daily healthcare including balanced nutrition, light exercise and personal hygiene care. Trainees are also taught to make risk assessments about safety at home and outside, including accident and injury prevention measures.

Appropriate activities and a conducive environment are important to ensure the emotional and social well-being of the elderly. Through the activity and environment management module, trainees need to provide a variety of social activities such as recreational programmes, arts and crafts, and social visits to increase social interaction and combat loneliness.

The Elderly Disease Detection and Management module is seen as critical and needs to be given more attention. Age-related diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and osteoporosis require continuous and integrated management. Trainees are exposed to regular health checks and screening tests to detect diseases early. Through these checks, they can gain access to quality healthcare services, regular medication management, and psychological support for the elderly with chronic diseases.

Through this holistic approach, we can ensure that the elderly can enjoy a good quality of life while respecting their valuable contribution to society. By providing appropriate support in self-care, activity management, and healthcare, we can ensure the sustainable well-being of our golden generation.

More importantly, the Family Care Services course also covers early childhood care, which provides a deep understanding of the holistic development of children in terms of physical, cognitive, emotional, and social aspects. It helps caregivers or educators to provide a learning environment that is appropriate for the child’s developmental stage.


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