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Rooted in Finland’s Esteemed Early Education System, HEI Schools Cyberjaya offers Malaysians a holistic curriculum that fosters 21st century skills and nurtures childhood happiness.

In October, the world-renowned Finnish early education system arrived in Malaysia through HEI Schools Cyberjaya, the first and newest addition to the global network of HEI Schools in Malaysia. Firmly grounded in Finland’s esteemed early childhood education system, this establishment  is poised to revolutionise early learning in Malaysia. Drawing upon the wealth of research and curriculum expertise from the University of Helsinki, HEI Schools Cyberjaya provides a comprehensive and innovative approach to early education, including the integration of Finnish learning concepts, expansive learning spaces, a team of qualified educators and rigorous teacher training conducted in collaboration with Finnish pedagogical experts.

Dedicated to inclusive education for children and parents alike, HEI Schools Cyberjaya seamlessly merges early childhood education and  development professionals, ensuring a comprehensive grasp of early childhood education. Alongside this, it introduces the 21st century learning concept, employing cutting-edge technology to enrich the learning experience. HEI Schools Cyberjaya bridges the best of both worlds in early education. The curriculum integrates local and international standards while embracing Finland’s renowned play-based learning tradition. Embracing the concept of learning everywhere and all the time, HEI’s unique approach is dedicated to maximising children’s growth while maintaining a well-rounded readiness for their education journey.

“At HEI Schools Cyberjaya, we believe in the power of education to transform lives. We’ve harnessed the expertise in pedagogy and child development to create a unique learning experience tailored to the needs of Malaysian children,” stated Syahirah Jermadi, Director of Operations at HEI Schools Cyberjaya.

Owned by Axon Education Sdn Bhd, the first HEI Schools in Malaysia will be located in Cyberjaya, and housed in a 15,000 sqft space located on an extensive 45,000 sqft piece of land that will comfortably accommodate up to 200 students. Built to support the HEI curriculum and daily activities, the HEI learning spaces are a rich learning environment for children that include multiple opportunities for wondering, questioning, exploring and experimenting. Designed by renowned Malaysian architect Dr Eleena Jamil, the multifunctional campus echoes her and HEI Schools’ commitment to creating spaces that promote learning, creativity and a sense of community — resulting in a space that is not only architecturally stunning but also functionally efficient and child-friendly.

“HEI Schools has been a longstanding partner to the Embassy and it is always a pleasure to witness new chapters opening in international cooperation, especially with this year being the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Finland and Malaysia. I want to extend my warm congratulations to HEI Schools Cyberjaya for the creation of this remarkable learning centre. This partnership promises an exciting future for education in Malaysia,” said Mr. Sami Leino, Ambassador of Finland, H.E. to Malaysia.

Embassy of Finland MoU

HEI Schools, a pioneer in global early childhood education, has earned recognition in Finland, winning two Gold Awards and the Grand Prix at the “Vuoden Huiput – Best Finnish Creative Design” competition. Additionally, it was selected by HundrED (hundred.org) as one of the 100 most inspiring global education programmes in the realm of education innovation, due to its holistic approach, encompassing research-based curriculum materials, teacher training modules, spatial design concepts, curated learning materials, and operator support in the 21st-century learning background.

Beyond education, HEI Schools fosters a global community dedicated to the principles of Finnish early education. As part of this commitment, HEI Schools has cultivated the “HEI Schools Global Community”, a platform where educators, parents, and supporters engage in discussions and share insights about early childhood education practices and ideas. This commitment to both quality education and a global community reflects HEI Schools’ dedication to making a positive impact on early childhood education worldwide.

HEI Schools Cyberjaya is set to open its doors to families in January 2024.  For more information regarding HEI Schools Cyberjaya, its educators, its curriculum and facilities please visit www.heicyberjaya.my.


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