In Sri Aria, learning is 100% child-led

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Sri Aria, the first Self-Directed Learning School in Malaysia in established in 2018 by Mr Mohd Faizul Iqmal and Dr. Putri Afzan Maria, EYTC Group and Resources Sdn. Bhd. This follows the establishment of KinderKaizen, since 2014, with 42 active branches to date. Understanding the needs to extend its advocacy work in Early Years Education, EYTC then created KinderBebe.

Sri Aria School has 3 campuses around Lembah Klang with around 300 students, and planning to expand to East Coast, North and South Region.

“As we continue to grow, we have recently established the Sri Aria Junior College (SAJC) for 13 year old onwards,” said Dr. Putri Afzan Maria.

The company, have up to date, been providing evidence-based research education services and systems while leading the movement to revolutionise education in Malaysia, throughout its schools. The work does not just involve schools, but also educating the community through various platforms for example conferences and talks.

In Sri Aria, learning is 100% child-led; therefore, there is no homework, textbooks nor examinations. They are given the freedom to build their learning processes. Students are assessed formally, nonformal and informal. The goal is to create and reinforce a healthy foundation for their love of learning, while providing the space for students to explore their interests and Learning Facilitators to assist in cultivating their strengths.

“Our spaces provide students a free reign to explore skills related to workmanship, culinary arts, coding, animation, music, among many others. Founded upon children’s curiosity, playfulness, sociability, and mindfulness; their innate qualities, they are indeed responsible of their own learning.

“The only missing quality in children is experience. Our focus is to expose them to quality experiences. Nurtured and guided by supportive Learning Facilitators. SAJC on the other hand, hopes to champion a Life Long Learning and Industrial pathway to prepare for the future,” said Mohd Faizul Iqmal.

In facilitating the continuous and sustainable functional education, SAJC is currently engaging with several Organizations whom are industry players that would be interested in mentoring students and in providing the right skills.

Here onwards, the company, the school, the team will continuously advocate to REVOLUTIONISE and HUMANISED education in Malaysia.

“Through winning and achieving accreditation from the 2022 Malaysian Education & TVET Awards, we hope to continue the advocacy work at hand,” said Faizul and Putri.


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