Kids learn 10 languages in Krista Kindergartens, first of its kind

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Krista Kindergarten Chain has recently launched its new programme for the introduction of ten languages of the world to preschoolers at all its centres throughout the country. The programme is supported by trained teachers using a new Krista publication, ‘Fun with Languages’ and audio-visual tutoring sessions. It will be conducted on a weekly basis in addition to Krista’s existing curriculum based on its CAPABLE Programme, a holistic programme that has benefitted thousands upon thousands of young children since Krista, Malaysia’s largest kindergarten chain, first opened its doors to them some 30 years ago.

Krista’s Fun with Languages publication with fun facts and learning activities is an interesting way to introduce Krista kids to 10 of the world’s most popular languages. Parents can be encouraged to also use this book to carry out the learning activities with their children at home as a family activity. This book also incorporates relevant information in connection with the languages introduced to serve as useful general knowledge for the children, teachers as well as parents.

Kids are not confused by the introduction of multiple languages at the same time. In fact, research also shows that new languages are learned and acquired faster, retained better, and spoken with exceptional pronunciation at an early age. Among the benefits for children acquiring a second language include preparing the brain to learn multiple languages; having an advantage in learning to read; having a more fine-tuned hearing ability; having a sharper memory; having a greater self-confidence; having a bigger world view; having greater opportunities for higher studies and careers later on in life; building and maintaining cultural connections, and providing the family with a useful activity and experience that can grow in the years to come.

This new programme will ultimately inspire and motivate the young children to learn a second language or even more languages in time to come and become a polyglot. Research shows that learning a second language benefits the child greatly as it enhances creativity and mental flexibility – boosts problem-solving, critical-thinking, listening and cognitive skills, in addition to improving memory, attention span and the ability to multitask.

Krista, an award-winning early childhood education brand, has more than 100 early education centres throughout the country and is also currently operating workplace childcare centres for large corporations in Malaysia. As the world is getting more and more competitive with new and extraordinary challenges for the upcoming generation, Krista makes every effort to provide young children with the relevant springboard as well as opportunities for them to reach their full potential in life. Providing them with a head-start to learning more languages during their early childhood years would be a good and useful foundation for them to be on their way to achieve greater success in life.


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