NCER – Empowering Communities Through Holistic Development

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The Northern Corridor Implementation Authority (NCIA), through the Northern Corridor Economic Region (NCER), has made significant strides in accelerating socioeconomic development since its inception in 2008. This progress is a testament to the Federal Government’s steadfast dedication to enhancing the well-being and livelihoods of all citizens across the nation. The vision of shared prosperity among Malaysians comes to life through a balanced approach to economic development, evident in NCER’s unwavering commitment.

Holistic Development Strategy:

NCER recognises that a holistic strategy is pivotal for genuine progress. The region’s development blueprint encompasses economic empowerment, social re-engineering and environmental sustainability. By focusing on these pillars, NCER ensures an equitable distribution of wealth and greater inclusivity, fostering a landscape where every citizen thrives.

Strategic Development Plan for Balanced Progress:

The NCER Strategic Development Plan (2021-2025) is the blueprint guiding the region’s development trajectory. With a theme of “Shared Prosperity Through Balanced Regional Development,” this plan ensures equal opportunities for citizens through sustainable economic activities. Strategic and catalytic projects in sectors like manufacturing, agribusiness, and services are at the forefront of making the region more competitive.

Empowering Communities Through Skills and Entrepreneurship:

One of NCER’s flagship programmes is the empowerNCER Skills & Entrepreneurship programme. This initiative is designed with the B40 group in mind, offering skills and entrepreneurial training that translates into increased and sustainable incomes. These Rakyat-centric programmes empower vulnerable groups, enabling them to flourish as entrepreneurs or secure job placements. As these individuals succeed, they bolster the business ecosystem and contribute to talent requirements, leading to lasting economic sustainability.

Impressive Milestones and Transformative Impacts:

The impact of NCIA’s efforts is tangible and transformative. Since 2019, NCIA has trained over 85,586 participants and approximately 24,259 SMEs in the NCER Region. In 2022, NCIA facilitated an astonishing 7-fold increase in income for B40 participants, catapulting their cumulative earnings from RM4.9 million to RM34.4 million. This uplifting effort moved 356 B40 participants to M40 & T20 categories and created 1,492 jobs. Additionally, these programmes paved the way for 2,857 start-ups to embrace digitalisation, a crucial step towards future success.

Human Capital Development:

Central to this progress are human capital development programmes such as empowerNCER, entrepreneurNCER, and NCER Talent Enhancement Programme. These programmes ensure a steady pipeline of quality talent and high-performing entrepreneurs, augmenting industry growth and innovation.

In summary, NCER is a beacon of transformation, forging a path to shared prosperity. This journey isn’t limited to regional borders; it’s a catalyst for change on a national scale. As we move forward, NCIA stands as a testament to the Government’s commitment to shaping a prosperous future for all Malaysians.

The Role of NCER Technology and Innovation Centre (NTIC):

At the heart of NCER’s transformative journey stands the NCER Technology and Innovation Centre (NTIC). This centre serves as a dynamic hub, propelling the region forward in technological advancement and innovative solutions where its main goal is to develop enough capable high-skilled talent in NCER to meet the industry’s demand. It is a testament to the region’s commitment to not only economic growth but also sustainable progress across various domains and verticals.


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