PTA Meetings1
PTA Meetings Parent-Teacher Communication Smart App.

Set to become one of the leading parent teacher communication apps in 2021, new education platform PTA Meetings will revolutionize connectivity for busy working adults in the modern world. PTA Meetings offers an accessible and user-friendly experience, allowing parents and teachers to communicate efficiently through a dedicated app (mobile and desktop), launching on January 21, 2021.

PTA Meetings1
PTA Meetings available on desktop laptop tablet and mobile smart devices.

Teachers can centralize and consolidate their communications with parents, offering a range of ways to get in touch – meanwhile saving time and utilizing the app’s direct channels of communication. Fewer paper flyers and report cards minimize the environmental impact of traditional school to home communication and give teachers more time to focus on providing world-class education in the classroom. Teachers can also share quarterly reports throughout the school year and spotlight their students’ best work through classwork portfolios.

Parents and caregivers are empowered to engage further with their child’s school community, giving them an easy way to reach out directly to their child’s teacher – whether that be to resolve and minimize potential conflict or discuss and monitor behavior targets. Parents can also schedule 1-on-1 meetings with school staff and see their child enjoying their friendships in their own classroom through photo updates. Important emails in overflowing inboxes are no longer left unread thanks to in-app messaging capabilities.

Features of PTA Meetings include:

Text message and in-app email capabilities

  • Calendar and reminders with push notifications
  • Scheduling, including parent-teacher sign-up schedule
  • Behavior tracking
  • Two-way messaging function between parents and teachers
  • Photo sharing
  • Enhanced privacy settings for both parent and teacher
  • Quarterly reports
  • Student portfolios & more!

PTA Meetings is a free, easy to use, modern platform giving parents and teachers the opportunity to save time by effectively streamlining communications to the benefit of both adults and students. Ultimately, the success of a child’s education comes down to the direct support and engagement of their parent or caregiver – PTA Meetings offers practical solutions to ensure children are given the best possible chance to develop and grow through 2021 and beyond.

PTA Meetings launches on January 21, 2021 across mobile and desktop app stores



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