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Taking maritime, ports, shipping, cruise and marine logistics (for oil & gas) training and simulation to a higher national level.

The number game for Sealestial Marine Seafarer Training Centre (SEAMASTER) is simple :-

  1. The only integrated Aviation, Maritime and Oil & Gas (AMOG) EduHub in the region, covering 3 highly specialised industry
  2. One of only two Training Institutes in the country offering the same extensive range of physical, simulation, online, virtual reality (VR) and cloud simulation training for the maritime / oil & gas marine logistics skills training. Additionally, Seamaster is the joint 2nd maritime institute in the country in terms of the number of approved training by the Malaysian Marine Department.
  3. Among the three approved private maritime training institutes in Sabah, Seamaster has the largest portfolio of training and customised modules. (on a ratio of 4 : 1 to the nearest competitor)
  4. Locations in which Seamaster operates, i.e Kota Kinabalu, Miri, Melaka and Petaling Jaya. In the pipeline is a 5th location in Sibu which should be operational by the 1st quarter of 2024.
  5. 9500 – is the number of the registered trainees so far since 2014 (until mid-2023).

With those impressive numbers, it is not surprising that in 2018, Seamaster was awarded as the Best Performer (for Maritime Training Institute) at the Malaysia World Maritime Week in 2018.

With the current 14,000 local and an additional 75,000 potential students from the Brunei-Indonesia-Malaysia-Philippines East Asia Growth Area (BIMP-EAGA) region, there is huge potential for development and growth of the maritime, ports and shipping sector professional development / upgrading courses, of which Seamaster is planning to tap into via its expansion plans. Additionally, the comparatively more credible system of international certification from the Malaysian Government creates an added advantage for this potential growth.

Having one of the most diversified range of marine simulators in the country has given an edge into a new market of simulation, which is cloud simulation. This allows simulation based training to be conducted virtually, without having the students being present physically on-site for the practical sessions. So far, around 50 online cloud simulation sessions have been conducted since mid-2021 in collaboration with ARI Simulation, India and utilising the much publicised Amazon Web Services.

Looking ahead towards the future, it is expected that the human capital development of its seafarers and maritime professionals will be in good hands with the advancement in methods of conducting training by the various maritime training institutes around the country, including Seamaster. The marine tourism industry will further flourish as Seamaster has led the way in training and certifying more than 4500 local boat operators all around the country since October 2021, that previously were unlicensed.

List of courses and trainings in Seamaster

With its tagline of #EduSkillPro and the call for the local authorities to “Facilitate not Frustrate”, the industry has slowly but surely bounced back post-pandemic and Seamaster will continue to help lead the way towards further improving the training and certification of seafarers and maritime professionals in the country. It is hoped that in a few years time, we can further reduce our dependence on foreign seafarers and be self-dependant upon our own seafarers to man our own Malaysian ships.


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