PepWear x United Sound

United Sound, whose mission is “to provide musical performance experiences for students with special needs through peer mentorship,” and PepWear, a leader in commemorating the achievements of youth, have entered into an exclusive, multi-year agreement to produce and sell patent-pending aerosol-reduction products for musical instruments and the people who play them, among other products.

When Julie Duty, United Sound’s Executive Director and inventor of the aerosol-reduction instrument bags and musician masks, connected with PepWear, they quickly formed a strong partnership to bring these much-needed products to market.

“I’m unbelievably thrilled about this partnership because I know that PepWear will be able to scale the effort to get them to many people quickly. Music is a critical component of our lives and finding ways to do it together safely is so important,” she added.

The national effort to “slow the spread”, including social distancing and wearing cloth masks, has presented unique challenges for playing many musical instruments.  The restrictions and uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 brought traditional music education under increased pressure to reduce aerosol production, even while playing a musical instrument.

“Over the years PepWear has developed a supply chain to custom-manufacture our own line of apparel, bags, hats and other items.  In addition, we have longstanding relationships with most of the state and national music education and performance organisations.

“We’ve been huge fans of the work that Julie and the United Sound team do for a long time, so when we learned about their patent-pending inventions, and how they can benefit our friends and partners, we were really excited to jump on board,” said Craig Johnson, CEO of PepWear.

-PR Newswire


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