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Zigazoo has announced that Zigazoo Classrooms is now live on both Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store just in time for back-to-school, paving the way as one of the only mobile-first tools built for remote learning in the Covid-19 reality. In an EdTech universe flooded with education tools developed by technologists, Zigazoo’s founding team of educators are solving problems that they know intimately and building a mobile-first platform that is not limited to more affluent families who have access to tablets, laptops, and desktops.

Zigazoo Classrooms gives teachers and pod leaders the tools to create their own private groups or “classrooms” directly on the app. Classroom leaders can assign one of Zigazoo’s hundreds of projects or build their own, then host classroom interaction with and between students by sharing short-form videos in their closed communities.

Hailed by TechCrunch as “the future of remote learning,” Zigazoo is leading the edtech category in the new distance and hybrid learning models by providing tools that employ social media user experiences to facilitate asynchronous learning. Rather than invite students to sit on long video conference calls, Zigazoo provides opportunities for students to do work at their own pace and share videos of their work drafts or final products with their teachers and classmates.

Zigazoo, which launched broadly in June, recently surpassed 2 million video views and has been called the “TikTok” for education because of the way that it gives students the ability to respond to educational prompts with short-form videos. On September 8th, Zigazoo is launching Zigazoo Channels so that students can respond to projects from well-known educational brands such as museums, zoos, literacy nonprofits, and children’s musicians.

Zak Ringelstein, CEO of Zigazoo, says, “Parents are telling me their kids are miserable on long Zoom calls and teachers are telling me that there is no humane way to do their old classroom model on a conference call. We are proud to offer Zigazoo Classrooms because it is tailor-made for the remote learning world, giving teachers and students from all backgrounds the projects and environment they need to thrive as teachers and learners in this new reality.”

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